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So were you turning your key in your lock only to have it snap off in your hands? The problem is more common than you think in the region. Siesta Key FL Locksmith Store receives innumerable calls from customers that request our broken key extraction service on an emergency basis. If your key has broken in the lock somewhere in the region, you can call us for immediate assistance. Our locksmiths can reach your location in a short span of time and get the key removed. We also provide a large number of home, residential, and commercial locksmithing services.

What do you do when your key breaks in the lock?

Siesta Key FL Locksmith Store Siesta Key, FL 941-254-1479When your key has jammed and broken inside a lock, just check to see if there is a portion of it sticking out of the lock. If there is, you can extract it with a pair of needle-nose pliers. You can also attempt to pinch it out with your fingers. However, it’s possible that you could cause damage to the lock if you attempt to do so – so we always recommend that you call our locksmiths for our service.

What can Siesta Key FL Locksmith Store do for you?

If you hire our broken key extraction service, our locksmiths can get the key extracted with the help of our advanced tools, in no time at all. We can also then take a look at your lock and repair it, if it has been damaged. Sometimes we may even recommend that you get the lock replaced with a new one. We can also make you new replacement keys for the lock.

How do you avoid such a scenario again?

If you want to prevent the same thing from happening all over again, you should regularly maintain your locks by lubricating it. A lock that requires too much effort to turn creates more pressure on the key than it was designed to handle. Also, if you ever park your car outside in wet or cold weather, it could cause damage to your key while you turn it in the lock. Finally, you may also want to get duplicate keys made so that old, structurally worn out keys can be replaced with new ones.  

24/7 broken key extraction

You can call us 24/7 for help with broken key extraction . Our locksmiths can reach your location in Siesta Key or nearby region in less than 30 minutes. Call us now on 941-254-1479