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Experiencing an automotive emergency such as lost or broken keys, waiting for help can feel like an eternity. Siesta Key FL Locksmith Store understands what our Siesta Key community members are going through and arrive quickly to end the worry. We also understand how being in an unfamiliar neighborhood, in the dark, in bad weather increases feelings of anxiety. That's why your locksmith arrives as quickly as possible to help you. Our professional locksmiths perform car lockout services, car key replacement for lost or broken keys and retrieving keys locked in trunks. No matter what sort of automotive locksmith services you need, our skilled professionals arrive expeditiously to resolve your issue and get you back on the road again.

24 Hour Mobile Locksmith Service

Siesta Key FL Locksmith Store, Siesta Key, FL 941-254-1479

Locksmith Service has built our reputation on providing expedient 24 hour emergency locksmith services for automotive, residential and commercial enterprises. Our emergency automotive services are second to none in NEIGHBORHOOD. With a quick call to 941-254-1479 , we dispatch the locksmith specialist closest to you so in moments, your locksmith arrives in one of our mobile service fleet vehicles outfitted with state of the art tools, equipment and materials needed to resolve every situation.

Our locksmiths are on the streets of Manassas 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to help you with any automotive locksmith need that may arise, such as luxury automotive assistance, rekeying ignitions, and unlocking doors and trunks along with rescuing stranded drivers from automotive lockouts. We've all done it, set our keys to the side while gathering our things or finishing a call and then exiting and locking them inside. We never want our neighbors to suffer excessively and arrive quickly to resolve your 24 hour emergency automotive need. When your locksmith fabricates your new high security laser cut car key and then provides transponder key programming, you breathe a sigh of relief and pat yourself on the back for trusting Locksmith Service.

Trunk Locks

We've all seen it, the driver with the broken trunk lock driving along with their trunk bouncing up and down. While admittedly it is comical to observe, broken trunk locks are no joke. Not only do you put your fellow Siesta Key community members at risk driving like this, you can also receive a huge fine. When your trunk won't open, you lose access to your spare and jack, tools that are indispensable. With a quick call to Siesta Key FL Locksmith Store, your professional technician arrives in moments and repairs, replaces or rekeys your trunk lock, ensuring safety for all. 

Jammed Ignition

A jammed ignition will bring you to a dead stop and if you aren't careful, with a broken key stuck in the ignition as well. In Sarasota, Siesta Key FL Locksmith Store understands how frustrating it can be to be stranded with a jammed ignition and arrive shortly after we are called, performing car key extraction services, ignition switch repair or replacement services, and ignition cylinder repair or replacement services to get you back on the road quickly.

We Make Car Keys

Siesta Key FL Locksmith Store, Siesta Key, FL 941-254-1479

Losing your car keys is an extremely frustrating experience. Not only do you spend a ridiculous amount of time searching and wracking your brain, trying to remember where on earth you set them down. Siesta Key FL Locksmith Store understands what you are going through and why our team of professional locksmiths are on the streets of Sarasota in your Siesta Key neighborhood near you, able to arrive quickly, delivering emergency lockout services, fabricating your keys and getting you back on the road expediently, thanks to our fully outfitted mobile service fleet vehicles and expert technician.

We make all types of keys thanks to the cutting edge locksmith equipment and tools we arrive with. Whether your key is a standard key, a transponder of a high security laser cut key, your locksmith arrives with everything needed to fabricate all of these keys, including transponder key programming. Our locksmiths are busy retrieving keys locked in trunks, providing car key replacement for lost or broken car keys, car key cutting and more right onsite. Call Siesta Key FL Locksmith Store 24/7 for a free security consultation or emergency locksmith services.


Siesta Key FL Locksmith Store, Siesta Key, FL 941-254-1479